Thin Title

Title Spacing

Customize the amount of spacing in the title area, to create stunning pages with little effort.

Alignment & Orientation

Align the title of your page to the left, right, or center. Create panoramic pages that impress your visitors.

Background Image

Add a header image as the background of your title areas. Add different images with WP Display Header plugin.

Create Immersive Pages


Create page titles that attract the attention of your visitors, and add a unique touch to your website. You can customize the title of every page so it has a specific size, alignment, and even background image.

Compatible with the WP Display Header plugin to set different header images per page.

About Furnace

Furnace is a free WordPress theme specially made to work with Forge, the free front-end page builder plugin for WordPress.

This theme has been designed to be as flexible as possible, helping you create awesome sites using only drag & drop.